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This homepage should help to assign the Thai banknotes correctly.
Different designations are generally used for the different banknotes.
On these sites you'll find all different Thai banknotes.

International, the numbers of Albert PICK (P-...) are used, however, in Thailand,
they also gladly uses the TB-numbers, which have their origin, probably
in the " Thai Banknotes Catalogue ".

This, catalog of banknotes , which was published from Mr. Somchai Saeng-Ngern,
is exclusively busy with Thai banknotes. Thus it is much more differentiated,
as the " Catalog of World Paper Money ".
In Thai catalog, the different banknotes are distinguished, in up to 6 types and the
different variations of signatures shown, in their often different values from each other.
Moreover, the size, color and difference to the previous type is described.

I have created this website with my best knowledge and conscience, but it does not mean,
that it must be faultless. There also is even now some vagueness, which I cannot rectify
with the best will in the world , because, the informations are so much different.
So I made an adjustment, on this website, as well as possible, to give a help to the
collectors of these beautiful bank notes.
Enjoy it and maybe you can thank me with an entry in the guestbook.

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Paper money

These are the early banknotes:

~ Warrant Maii ~
~ Royal Rewards Notes ~
~ 1 Att note ~
~ Commercial Bank's Bearer Notes ~
~ Royal Siamese Treasury Notes ~

Bia Kud Chum

" Community Banknotes "
In sake of completeness,
I included the
" Bia Kud Chum "
because, It is also about Thai banknotes.

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The last treatment : 21.05.2018

I have created this homepage, as an amateur.
But this does not mean,
that you may not help in it.
I would be very glad, about new informations, scans, and about pictures, which I would insert in the page, if required.

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The Thai-numerals

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Search notes

Below the button * SERIES * you have the opportunity, to search selectively for banknotes.
From Series 1 to 16, ticals, Baht, & Commemorative.
For this, you can enter the pick- or the TB -number, the series, title, value, type or color
of the note.
Usage of big and small letters is allowed.

The lunar calendar

The Thais use the Buddhist lunar calendar !
That is the fact that the Thai era is about 543 years in front of ours (Christian) calendar. Also don't be surprised,
if the note from the year 2000,
is then, from the year 2543.

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New Update

Now, my homepage is up to date.

The database of series is now complete.

The websites of banknotes of Bhutan, Japan, Laos, Myanmar is also a work in progress.


I would be pleased, about an entry in the guestbook.