This " Bank of Thailand 50th Anniversary Certificate" has been designed and printed on the occasion of the
50th Anniversary of the Bank of Thailand on December 10, 1992. The process employed in the printing of this certificate
is no different from that used for bank notes. The paper used for printing is a special paper from Germany.

The image on the certificate depicts the aesthetic relationship between Bangkhunprom Palace,
the former residence of H.R.H. Prince Paribatra with his personalcrest and the logo of the Bank of Thailand.

The Palace as rendered on the certificate is viewed from the Southeastern corner, considered to be one of its best angles.
On the lower left-hand corner, the personal crest of H.R.H. Prince Paribatra is shown. The descendants of the Prince
have later on adopted the crest as family coat of arms.

In the official logo of the Bank of Thailand which figures on the upper right hand corneris "Pra Siam Theva Thiraj"
or the country`s guardian spirit holding the money bag. The orchid design in the background is an adaptation of the terracotta
window decoration of the Bangkhunprom Palace Tower.
The large circle with an intricate pattern is designed with a Guilloche Machine.

A total of 20.000 Bank of Thailand Anniversary certificates is printed, each one bearing a serial number printed
in red on the upper left - hand corner. On the right side of the certificate is the list of names and signatures of the incumbent Chairman, Vice Chairmen and Members of the Court of Directors of the Bank of Thailand at the time of the Bank`s 50th Anniversary.


( 20,5 x 10 )

The backside is unprinted (white)


Belong to a complete set of the certificate:

1. A three sided folding folder, it contains No. 2. ,a small 6-sided booklet. 3.
A 14-sided booklet,
written in Thai-letters, in the format of Din. A5 .
In these book are numerous pictures and drawings, as well as historical backgrounds described.
4. An approx. Din. of A4 big sheet, on which the obrige text is written on Engisch and at the back on Thai.




( 29,5 x 21 )

5. A well processed folder in which only the certificate is contained.

The whole is in a cream-yellow colored cardboard.
If the whole set is complete, it is traded around 120 .
However, it is relatively rare to agree in the complete condition.
The trade price of the certificate in the folder lies from 60 upwards.