Specimen = sample

Specimen notes are banknotes, printed for the purpose of testing, for various details
and to be presented to the approval authority, before actual printing.
Generally, the international system, prefer to punch the word Specimen (also in Thai version ตัวอย่าง) on the banknotes,
useing red stamps wording SPECIMEN (sample) and printed with 000000, instead of alphabetical codes
and serial numbers.

Farther below is a fotogallery with Specimen from the different series and the commemorative notes.


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Specimen der Serie 1

 Prefix "E1" and Serial number
 No Signatures
 Wording " CANCELLED " punched and stamped
 " SPECIMEN " bottom left




Specimen of the Bank of Indochina



These notes I show enlarged and with back again under:
" Paper money / Commercial Bank's Bearer Notes / Bank of Indochina "




A 1000 Baht Specimen of Series 5

This banknote was auctioned in 2006, I view this time, the basic parameters.

Starting: THB 150.000 Approx: USD 3846
Series V, " Rama VIII " Japan printing 1000 B.
# P53S1, overprint Mi-hon both left & right in red,
w/o siged, #T2 50675, EF .(1)

Auction Result: Sold at THB 180.000,00




Specimen 5 Baht Banknotes, 7th Series Type I but not put into circulation.




Specimen 1 Dollar, Special Series.

1 Dollar / P-R 1 r
Was sold on 09.09.2010 in Cologne for 1750 €.


This is a 50 Baht commemorative note-Specimen to the 50-year,
gold anniversary celebrationthe accession of his Majesty of the King.
Material: polymer ~ Printed in Australia in 1996




An unknown sample before the imprint Specimen.
However, has never come to the pressure in this form.

This special bank note is in the possession of the Collector
" Roland Voigt "
A visit to his home page is worth it!




Specimen Series 9


Printer-Specimen (TDLR)
No signature
Bottom left imprint SPECIMEN with the number.

Bank Specimen
with signature
Bottom left no imprint SPECIMEN with the number.




Special - set- Specimen - Commemorativ in 1991 World bank Group / IMF. Annual meetings

In the denominations : 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500 baht

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Examples of different editions of the same specimen banknote





Front side in " THAI "
Back in " ENGLISH "
This is the normal specimen, which in masses
was put on the market.
Lower center, the 5-digit issue number
in red, where you can recognize
the high circulation of Specimen.
Front and back in " ENGLISH "
On the back, center, the 3-digit
Issue number in black.
Low edition !
Front and back in " THAI "
On the back, center, the 3-digit
Issue number in black.
Low edition !




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