Lucky Numbers


The subject " Lucky Numbers " is a subject where the spirits separate.

In Thailand there is only one correct " Lucky Number " and this is 9!
This may probably lie with the fact that one 9 associates with Rama IX.

With the other numerical orders which, in the Internet, are often wrongly called Lucky Numbers it is often about quite nice numerical orders and completely rarely about " Selected Serial Numbers ".

One counts to the nice numerical orders, e.g., banknotes like 50 and 100 Baht marks farther below.

It is 2 A 242424 etc around sequential or return-running numbers, or consequences such as,
from what there are naturally some combinations.

Certainly, however, the " Selected Serial Numbers " also exist with every banknote and in every series combination, but more difficult although to agree and therefore more valuably. It is to be assumed of the fact that these notes are already sorted out in the printing office. One has recognized for a long time with which one can do a business.
You have the main hit, if you have these bank notes as a block completely.
( Example completely below) " Selected Serial Numbers " block series 12



"Lucky Number "

100 Baht - Series 12 - P-89

Own banknote


Selected Serial Number

Banknote of Roland Voigt


It is a pity that the first 9 is missing, then it would be the perfect " Lucky Number "
500 Baht - series 15 - P-107

Banknote of Roland Voigt



A very beautiful number

1000 Baht - Series 15 - P-115

Banknote of Roland Voigt



Sequential numbers

Banknote of Roland Voigt

Banknote of Roland Voigt

Declining numbers


Small Number

Banknote of Roland Voigt


Buddha - Money with Lucky Number

Banknote of Roland Voigt


"Selected Serial Numbers" Block Serie 12

To agree very difficultly.

Banknotes of Somchai Saeng-ngern