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In the baht banknotes have been incorporated into a number of security features, so that the authenticity of
the banknotes can be reliably detected with a bit of attention.

The Bank of Thailand (BOT) presents the new banknotes the population.
For this purpose, small, written in Thai, brochures, appears in the banks.
In addition, the banknotes are also featured, in Thai and English, on the homepage of the BOT.
It explains, the different motifs on the banknote, also the detailed explanation,
of the security features and what you have to respect in circulation.
(Also available as download)

Examples for Brochures

20 Baht
50 Baht (2012)
500 Baht
1000 Baht



For security features we talk about :

Stitch low pressure
Security thread
Examination register
Folios patrols or folios elements, both provided with a hologram
Pearlescent strips or optically variables colors
Fluorescent printing inks and fluorescent fibres in the paper
Infrared characteristic feature

These characteristic features must not have been applied with every bank note at the same moment,
it often depends also on the value (purchasing power) of the bank note, because the application also causes expenses.
Only once I wanted to have named all different security characteristic features.

Because the security characteristic features are similar with all bank notes,
I have taken only two bank notes as an example.




Explanation of the security characteristic features

at the example of 500 Baht bank note of the series 15


Stitch low pressure:

Through the application of the intaglio printing process arises a tactile relief on the front of the banknotes.
Moreover, in the right border of the fronts of the bank notes to 20 Baht and all type II bank notes special distinguishers
are printed, (points) which mainly to facilitate the visually impaired to identify the notes.
In addition, the Baht bank notes are printed on special paper which shows a useful surface structure.
Please note, that go through age and the wear some of these properties partially or completely lost.



If a bank note is considered in the back light, the water-mark appears on both sides of the same unprinted area.
The predominant king's motive as well as partly, with older notes, the worth number are to be recognized.
The water-mark appears in the paper from variation of the paper thickness during the paper production.
Different areas are recognizable from which some are more brightly and other darker than the paper surrounding them.




Security thread:

The Baht bank notes dispose of a security thread which is embedded in the paper possibly in the left quadrant
of the bank notes and visible in the back light. A dark line runs about the whole width of the bank note.
In case of exact consideration of the thread in the back light the word "BAHT" and the worth number appears
( in turn readably and mirror-twisted).


Examination register:

With the examination register it is about a characteristic feature, (with of 20th and 50th) on left
(with of 100th, 500th and 1000th) on the right front of the bank note.
Irregular signs are printed on the front and the back of the baht banknote against the light to form a complete number
or value of a motif of "Bank Of Thailand" or a flower.


Folios patrols or folios elements, both provided with a hologram:

The bank notes with low nominal value, 20 and 50 Baht have no folios patrols.
The bank notes with high nominal value show different folios elements.
In the left part of the front of the bank notes with nominal value (100, 500 and 1.000 Baht) is silver folios patrols.
If one tilts the bank note, become, according to consideration corner, the symbol of Garuda or the number of value
in changing colors appears as a hologram.

In the lower part of the front of the bank notes there is placed a folios element. If one tilts the bank note, become,
according to consideration corner, the symbol of Garuda or the number of value in changing colors appears as a hologram.


Pearlescent strips or optically variables colors:

Near the different special folios there is the second difference between the low one and the high Baht-bank values.
On the front of the 500 and 1000 Baht bank notes the value number was provided with a pearlescent strip.
The worth number in the right high corner appears with surveillance and under another consideration corner in different colors.



The first micro-writings on Thai bank notes, can be found on the Type II notes the first series of 1906.

With the help of a magnifying glass tiny characters are to be recognized at some places on the bank note in different sizes.
The 0.8 mm overprint is readable in most cases with the naked eyes. On the contrary 0.2 mm microwriting appears
for the bare eye only as a thin line and is recognizable only with the help of a magnifying glass.
Even the smallest print on the banknote should be razor sharp and not blurry.


Fluorescent printing inks and fluorescent fibres in the paper:

Bank notes paper does not fluoresce, that is, it remains dark under UV lighting.
The fibres evenly embedded in the paper shine under ultraviolet light on front and back
either in the color Red, Green, Yellow or Blue.
Bank notes front: The series number shines red under ultraviolet light,
and wide patrols from above downwards by the whole bank note fluorescent yellow or green.





Infrared characteristic feature:

With the help of an infrared device parts of the stitch low pressure and the folios patrols become visible.


Video for " anti-counterfeit bank notes in Thai " in Thai language


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