Albert Pick




At Albert Pick returns the name of the pick-numbers.

Albert Pick (* 15. Mai 1922 in Cologne; 22. November 2015 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen )
was a globally recognized and respected authority on the subject of paper money.
He began 1930 with the collection of notes and emergency money.
He studied for the school philosophy, literature and history. By 1964, Pick was president of a publishing house.
Over time he has become a specialist, certified expert for paper money.
When his private collection, at that time some 180,000 banknotes, had grown out of a private collector,
the collection found a new home in the Bavarian Mortgage and Exchange-Bank .

Albert Pick, supervised staff as curator, the collection from 1964 to 1985 and built it always continues.
He wrote, among other things, the familiar paper-money lexicon and established the " World Paper Money Catalog ",
the standard reference book for paper money collectors worldwide.

At Albert Pick returns the name of the pick-numbers.
This is a numbers system, the collector each note and can be clearly determined.
Besides his famous work, the "Wold Paper Money Catalog", published Albert Pick
many books at home and abroad, and has received for its publications, several international prizes and awards.